Weekly news round-up | 23rd January 2015

Welcome to this week’s round-up of the top UK PR stories. The race for Number 10 is now well and truly under way as marketing spend comes under scrutiny; a host of PR professionals question what ‘PR’ stands for in 2015; and local marcoms, creative agencies and PR firms are honoured for their high quality output.

UK political parties to focus majority of marketing spend on leaflets
Despite being an age of social media, online advertising, and search engine optimisation, it’s expected that the British political parties will continue with tried and tested methods of spreading their messages to the electorate for this year’s General Election. Marketing Week takes a look data from the Electoral Commission that suggests door-to-door leaflets will continue to be where parties will spend the majority of their marketing spend.

Further reading: http://www.marketingweek.com/2015/01/21/292942/ (Free registration)

The definition of PR discussed
PRmoment.com has this week looked into what the definition of PR is in 2015, and how it’s evolving. The outlet quizzed a number of PR professionals on what it means to them and even whether the term ‘PR’ is accurate in the modern age.

Further reading: http://www.prmoment.com/2889/what-is-the-new-definition-of-pr.aspx

Business Weekly unveils its PR and marcom “peacocks”
Regional business publication, Business Weekly has unveiled its list of the best “image makers”, which include PR agencies such as Kiss Communications and Keynote PR. According to the outlet, those that made its New Years Honours list, “share three essential common factors: 1 – they listen to clients so they understand requirements; 2 – they deliver the message in a straightforward but striking manner; 3 – They communicate with the correct media in an effective manner.”

Further reading: http://www.businessweekly.co.uk/creative-industries-general-news/16389-business-weekly-new-year-honours-image-makers


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