Weekly news round-up | 6th February 2015

Welcome to this week’s round-up of the top UK PR stories. The impact of YouTube’s vloggers and how PR interacts with them will continue to be a hot topic in 2015, but a new study suggests they may not be as influential for brand discovery as thought. Elsewhere, two of the big social media platforms have announced their fourth quarter turnover.

New study questions YouTube vlogger influence

The Guardian has reported on a new study from GlobalWebIndex that suggests vloggers, such as PewDiePie and Zoella, may not be as influential as they are currently perceived to be by brand owners and media companies.

The survey of more than 170,000 web uses revealed that while 42% of web users viewed a vlog in the past month, only 12% of those said they are a source for brand discovery. However, the Guardian points out that respondents to GWI’s survey were only as young as 16 years old, and that it is therefore unclear how younger teens are influenced by vloggers.

Further reading: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/feb/05/youtube-vloggers-popular-study-influence

Financial boost for social media as Q4 turnover at LinkedIn and Twitter surpasses expectations

The Drum has reported that fourth quarter turnover at both LinkedIn and Twitter managed to surpass expectations. The business-focused social media platform, LinkedIn announced a 44% increase year-on-year to $643m, while Twitter reported turnover of $479m – a 97% year-on-year increase.

Further reading: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2015/02/06/linkedin-revenues-soar-44-cent-over-fourth-quarter-hit-643m | http://www.thedrum.com/news/2015/02/05/twitter-q4-revenue-surpasses-predictions-while-new-user-count-disappoints


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