Weekly news round-up | 13th February 2015

Welcome to this week’s round-up of the top UK PR stories. If you’ve managed to wade through the blizzard of 50 shades of grey stories, which have been clocking up the column inches this week, there were some important news items for UK PRs to digest.

CIPR Manifesto
First up, the CIPR published their 2015 Manifesto, detailing a bold vision for the next UK government to deliver a strong economy and fairer society over its next term. This is the first action of the new CIPR President, Sarah Pinch who recently took on the role following a successful term from Steve Waddington.

YouTube turns 10
Where does the time go? 2015 marks the 10th birthday for YouTube and according to Alex Smith, planning director at brand experience agency Sense, writing for Marketing Magazine, marketers have still yet to fully adjust to the new marketing reality created by YouTube.

Best place to work
Go on, admit it, each of us get envious when we hear others in our industry boast about their office beer fridge, team jollies and fashionable offices. Well, PR Week have helpfully listed the best places to work for 2015. Take a look and try not to be too jealous.


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