CIPR – State of the Profession report

The CIPR has today published their 2015 State of the Profession report. The report covers the trends, issues, opportunities and challenges facing the business of public relations based on the responses of over 2,000 PRs from across the UK.

For the first time the research analysed the ‘Educational background’ of PR practitioners, ‘Happiness & wellbeing’, and an in-depth analysis of the ‘Gender pay gap’. This is in addition to covering ‘Skills & competencies’, ‘Salaries’, ‘Diversity’, ‘Budgets’, ‘Public relations strategy & the board’, ‘Hallmarks of professionalism’, ‘The changing nature of public relations’, and ‘Future challenges’.

The report is packed full of details, the commentary analysis can be found here and the full report is available to view and download here.

One of the most interesting findings from the report is that practitioners in the East of England are among the lowest paid. London-based professionals earn the highest salaries (£55,000 per year), £12,000 more when compared to any other UK region or nation. Whilst those based in the Midlands and East of England earn the lowest average wage (£42,000).Respondents from the region make up 5% of the total (100 individuals), so it would be interesting to hear if this is truly representative of PR in the region.




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