PRCA boasts 18,000 members

It’s been a good news day for the team at the PRCA, the Public Relations Consultants Association. According to the UK-based association, they now boast more than 18,000 PR professionals as members.

The rise in members comes jointly from the welcoming over 3,000 members of the Government Communications Service and from the new partnership with PRWeek, who broke off ties with CIPR at the end of last year.

Francis Ingham, PRCA Director General, is naturally delighted by the new membership numbers, which make the association the PR and communications industry in Europe.

“Over recent years, the PRCA has gone from strength to strength, growing rapidly during the tough economic times that have seen many other professional bodies struggle.

“With our status as now by far and away the largest body for PR practitioners in Europe comes a significant responsibility. We need to meet the challenge of making the case for PR relentlessly; to prove the enormous value our industry delivers. We are determined to do so.”

It will be interesting to track the membership figures of both the PRCA and the CIPR as many of the later have been enjoying a free 3-month trial with the PRCA as part of the new deal offered by PR Week.


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