Collaboration is key – #PRstack

Stephen Waddington (@wadds), Ketchum chief engagement officer, may have handed over the CIPR President role at the end of last year but he remains committed to bringing harmony to the industry with the launch this week of #PRStack.

#PRStack’s premise is simple — map more than 150 tools against specific areas and goals, and ask the PR industry to provide consistent feedback to make the overall effort more accurate and, ultimately, helpful.

The content has been crowd-sourced by PR professionals from around the world, including PR Hub’s @beyondthespin. The project has evolved from a shared google document to a newPrexly project, which allows PRs to visualise and access the project.

Speaking to PR Week, Waddington, said: “It’s appropriate that we use technology to solve the problem of finding great technology. But we need to crowdsource the next step too. #PRStack could raise the working standard across our entire industry.”

In addition to PR Stack, a second app called also launched this week and acts as a user guide to #PRStack, with tips for how to get the most out of the tools listed on the database.  Head over to the Prezly blog to find out all about it.

Find out more on the PR Stack site.



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