PR Hub Meets Regional CIPR Chair Kate Morfoot

With the CIPR East Anglia group’s AGM fast approaching later this month, we have been chatting with Kate Morfoot, CIPR’s regional Chair and Founder/Managing Director of Jungle Public Relations, to find out more about the group and her views on PR in the region.

Tell us a little about the CIPR in East Anglia?
The CIPR East Anglia branch has over 400 members across East Anglia. The purpose of the East Anglia Group is to provide value for their CIPR Membership, allowing them to feel part of the CIPR in their own region.

What has the group been doing over the last 12 months?
Over the last twelve months, the CIPR has hosted seminars, workshops and behind-the-scenes events for our members in East Anglia. These include a Digital PR and Communications seminar in Suffolk, an event at the University of Cambridge meeting their communications team and finding out how you promote a world class institution. A Behind-the-Scenes event at BBC Look East and BBC Radio Norfolk with Q&A’s from BBC presenters and producers and a Make your Account Management Rock workshop.

Why is the region a great place to be a PR?
East Anglia is well known for being a creative hub and diverse region which plays host to important businesses, such as technology, food, agriculture and tourism. It’s a family-friendly place to live and not too far from the City of London.

In your personal opinion, what would you say is the biggest challenge and opportunity facing PR professionals in 2015?
The biggest challenge is managing all the tools, traditional and online! Social media has had a major impact on how we conduct PR campaigns and it’s all time-consuming and 247, so work never seems to stop!

The recent CIPR state on of the industry report listed the region as having the lowest level of pay in the UK. If this trend continues, could we see a drain of talent heading to London?
There is always going to be lower salaries in certain parts of the country, but on the plus side, there is better quality of living and lower house prices / rentals.

You are hosting your group AGM on Monday 23rd March, what is your plan for the coming year? How can others get involved?
The CIPR East Anglia will continue to grow and offer member-events, as well as the Pride Awards and a PR Conference at the end of 2015.

We are always looking for talented and well-connected individuals to help with events and offer their expertise!

To find out more about the CIPR in East Anglia and to sign up for the AGM, head to CIPR website.


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