Weekly News – 23rd April 2015

Pret A Manger – Clever PR or favouritism at its worst?  – Brand Republic

Are you one of the lucky 28% who have benefited from a freebie from Pret? Apparently rather than implementing an expensive loyalty scheme, the sandwich chain opted to give their staff the freedom to give away food as they wish. Is it a refreshing take on a loyalty scheme or is it is going to turn off loyal customers who never get the goodies? We’ll leave you to decide.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to defining PR careers – The Guardian

We are already a quarter of the way through 2015. If you feel like time is flying past while your career is standing still, head over to The Guardian for some career advice for PR’s. If you are looking for your next move, do keep an eye out for our PR Hub job of the weeks, in association with Brand Recruitment.

‘Don’t drop strategy for tactics,’ says former king of spin, Alastair Campbell – Marketing Magazine

Speaking at last month’s Marketing Society session at Advertising Week Europe to promote his book, ‘Winners and how they succeed’, Campbell warned that the “pressures” of the modern world were changing the nature of leadership.Plenty of politics in the news, but this may be interesting for those keen on the theory.

Crisis comms – case study in action – Brand Republic

Fed up with all the old case studies looking at crisis planning? Take a look at Tesco’s responses to their recent dire financial performance. We are sure there are lessons for all PR’s in there.

The elephant in the room – Women in PR – CIPR Conversation

Former CIPR President Seve Waddington (@Wadds) pulls together some industry big hitters to question the role of women in the industry.


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