Weekly News – 8th May 2015

Election special…

Social media didn’t win anything@Wadds 

We couldn’t really go without mentioning the election in this week’s round up so, to start, Stephen Waddington, Former CIPR President, writes about social media and how it has been uses and misunderstood in the election.

PR’s in Power PR Week

Watch out, there are now one more PR people in Parliment. The media loves to mention David Cameron’s PR background, but he isn’t alone in his career ambition in moving from PR to politics as PR Week. PRs. It was a disastrous night for the industry professionals standing for Parliament yesterday with 14 of 15 getting defeated.

Why TV and newspapers still top the polls in the election race – PR Moment

Anastasia Scott, Managing Partner, Kindred writes about why political parties need to continue to embrace the mainstream, it’s when they get into power that digital becomes the channel of choice.


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