Weekly News – 22nd May 2015

Airbnb’s floating house proves stunts can still work – The Independent 

Large scale and expensive PR stunts have somewhat fallen out of favour in recent years but this week Airbnb demonstrated that a well-executed stunt can still pack the coverage punch. The online accommodation firm created a floating house and set it sailing down the River Thames creating an excellent photo opportunity and generating huge amounts of column inches.

Thomas Cook’s PR nightmare – CIPR Conversation

This week Thomas Cook tried to position themselves in a more favourable light by finally apologising for the death of two children on one of their holidays. Over on the CIPR’s conversation website, CIPR president Sarah Pinch reflects on how PR can help during a crisis.

PR Stack Launches – Various

Professional development doesn’t need to be expensive and to prove this point, former CIPR President Stephen Waddington (@wadds) and his team of 19 contributors have created a wonderful free e-book, My PRstack – A practical guide to modern PR tools and workflow.

The ebook is distributed free under a Creative Commons license via the #PRstack community. You can download a PDF and the chapters will all be shared as blog posts each day over the next three weeks on the PR Stack website.

Do ex-journalists make the best PR professionals? – PR Moment 

As a former journalist himself, PR Hub’s Jon will probably argue that naturally journalists make the best PRs. Thanks to the difficulties of working in the press and media (in other words, how hard it is to make a living) there is no shortage of journalists wanting to move into PR. But should PR welcome journos, or avoid employing them? David Wilson, group managing director at PR firm Bell Pottinger, says that on balance, a journalistic background helps.

News from PR Hub

#PRHubLive 2 – Save The Date

We are delighted to announce that we’ll be hosting the next #PRHubLive meetup at The Architect pub in Cambridge on the 17th June.

The purpose of PR Hub Live is to give hardworking PR Pros the opportunity to unwind, meet others from around the region and chat and network over a drink or two.

The event is open to anyone working in PR or wider marketing roles, those planning to attend are encouraged to sign up here to help us plan for numbers.

Please feel free to share the event with friends or colleagues and we look forward to seeing you in the 17th.


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