FIFA: PRs should communicate news, not be the story

It was widely reported yesterday that Fifa’s communications director Walter De Gregorio has been sacked after sealing his fate with a joke about the governing body on Swiss TV.

The moral in the FIFA comms office has probably been at an all time low in recent weeks following the election and subsequent resignation of Sepp Blatter but Walter De Gregorio sealed his fate and become a news story himself with a joke about the governing body on Swiss TV.

Gregorio told Swiss chat show Schawinski: “The Fifa president, secretary general and communications director are all travelling in a car. Who’s driving? The police.”

Fifa announced in a statement  that De Gregorio had “relinquished his office”. But the BBC, along with other outlets are reporting that he was asked to leave by president Sepp Blatter.

It wasn’t the first time De Gregorio put his foot in his mouth. PRWeek reported that last month, at an emergency press conference hours after FIFA officials were arrested, he described the FBI-led arrests of FIFA senior executives as “a good day” for the organization. Asked for his boss’ mood, he said Blatter was “not dancing in his office” about the arrests.



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