FutureComms15: Robert Rose on Brand Storytelling

The opportunity for brand storytelling can be huge for organisations and PR practitioners – but according to Robert Rose – the world’s leading content marketing strategist – only if we commit to both organisational change and a different approach to the services we provide.

Robert (@Robert_Rose) is the Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute and a senior contributing consultant for Digital Clarity Group.

Robert’s highly anticipated second book – Experiences: The Seventh Era of Marketing has just been published. His first book, Managing Content Marketing, spent two weeks as a top ten marketing book on Amazon.com and is generally considered to be the “owners manual” of the Content Marketing process.

Robert has worked with numerous startups as well as larger organisations such as Oracle, Sony, Warner Brothers, Dell, AT&T, Hewlett Packard, NBC and the US Government so he is well qualified to talk on the subject of storytelling.

Here are some key points from the session:

1. Brands need to tell stories to drive engagement and PR and marketing can both work together to drive engagement with users/customers.

2. We give lip service to change, but really we haven’t changed. We talk the talk about social, content and storytelling but then go back to the pizza.

3. Three things have changed thanks to digital. The relationship has evolved and we now expect instant feedback to complaints. Content has been opened up and there is more than anyone can reasonably consume, and finally, PR and Marketing need to evolve to create value and not just describe it.

4. Content is what we are. We need to communicate with our users, tell stories and listen to what our customers are saying. We can’t be everywhere, we can’t be on every platform, but we need to do what we can in an engaging way.

5. Brand storytelling, is that really the answer? Redbull is so much more than a soft drink maker. They are a content reactor and their brand can translate to almost any product, because of successful storytelling.

6. We need to shift our thinking. We need to decide the story before the medium, consider our goal, create a story and assess why what we do is different to others. When it comes to content marketing, it’s not what you sell but what you stand for.


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