Saying goodbye

PR Hub co-founder Adam blogs about his three years as the joint chair of the CIPR in East Anglia. 

Tonight marks the end of a era for me as I chair my last meeting of the CIPR East Anglia committee. After serving as joint chair for the past three years, my term has come to an end and I’ve opted to step away to give the exceptionally talented Becky Hall the space to lead and set her own direction.

It has been a huge privilege to serve the CIPR and the 500 members across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. I’ve been able to witness first hand the great work practitioners in our region do and I’ve been thankful to all those who have supported me and the committee as we’ve sought to provide informative training, events, conferences and networking evenings for PR pros.

I joined the CIPR over ten years ago and it has played a massive role in shaping my career, giving me structure and support as I grew as a young practitioner. There are many flaws in the organisation, just like any professional body, but I know that the PR industry would be a significantly worse place were it not for the hardworking volunteers who give up their time and share their expertise to take our profession forward.

Serving as Chair alongside Amanda Bunn for the last three years has been a great privilege, I’ve met and worked with many amazing people. We’ve hosted over 40 events, three regional conferences, three PRide awards events and started an excellent give back scheme, to allow CIPR members in our region the chance to volunteer to support our regional charity of the year.

Three years is a long time, longer than any role I’ve held professionally, and isn’t far off a 10th of life. It has been a blast. It has reminded me why practitioners should be part of a professional body and I look forward to seeing the committee grow and flourish in 2018 and beyond.


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